Hey Jeremy ! U like marsh mallows?

"Sure? I mean they’re okay."

"Aelita likes them in her hot chocolate sometimes, and Odd will eat almost anything. I’m not sure about Ulrich or Yumi…"

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Would u like to date Aelita? Or are you already dating? ^_^

"No comment."

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Yes you will, and you'll be happy about it! Have fun! Also, I love your shirts you've got such great shirts.


"Heh, thank you!"

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I think you underestimate yourself, which should frankly be considered a crime. I feel like you hold the Lyoko Warriors together in a lot of ways. Yes, they could function without you, but not as well. You ARE needed. You ARE important. And you better believe it!

"Alright, I guess."

"I’ll just sit here tippy-typing at my computer."

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When the lyoko gang does their special powers on lyoko why do they state what their doing. Ex. Odd''laser Arrow" ulrich "super sprint". Stay awesome!!


"I don’t know. Effect?"

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What last name do u prefer for Aelita? Schaeffer,Stones or Hopper?

"Personally, Schaeffer. I think it fits best for her. Then Stones, then Hopper."

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You do more than just memorize codes and type! You're so important because you figure things out: you're the strategist, the planner, you play one of the most important roles that any group could have. Though I would never say the others are unimportant, what they can do (excluding the whole tower thing) is far more easily learned. You take on so many roles, whether you are aware of it or not, and it is frankly amazing.

"I mean, I guess so."

"But I mean, I don’t fight or anything. A lot of the time I’m hurt by XANA and can’t do anything. Plus, most of the strategy happens when the others are on Lyoko and they decide things in the heat of the moment. I’ll admit I do have good plans, but nobody listens, mostly.

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Dude, I seriously don't think you get enough credit for what you do to help keep people safe, because what you do is amazing frankly. For what it's worth I think you yourself have got to be pretty amazing to do it in the first place...

"All I do is memorize codes and type buttons on a keyboard."

"It’s not that special. Anybody can do it, but thanks I guess."

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"Thank you. For, you know, taking care of my family. You're an amazing person, Jeremie." /[waves bc I thought you were inactive like every other Jeremie but hello!]

"Mrs. Hopper!"

"I don’t know how you got in contact with me… but thank you. That means so much to me. Though, to be honest, I don’t think I’m doing a great job with taking care of your family. Especially considering…"

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So.. What r u doing this days?

"School. Supercomputer. Sleep."


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