ban co yeu aelita khong?




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what is your opinion about Laura

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Is Aelita your girlfriend?



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You do realize there is a whole show about you guys it has 5 seasons and is really personal it even shows lyoko

"Who’d even want to watch a show like that?"


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What its youre look like in Lyoko ???

"No. I’m not going over this again. It’s blue. That’s it."

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hey jeremie do you know there is a movie about your fight aganst xana?

"Haha, yeah, okay."

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Hey Jeremie! How's bout letting me join they crew and going to Lyoko? Unlike William, I'm definitely trustworthy! You can really trust me.

"No thanks. And William has been really trustworthy lately!"

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Jeremie my comrade, how are you? Its kind of ironic how you and I have the same position in a group of friends, but here's the thing... Computers are my worst enemy, as I am old-fashioned. And I must say, excellent job at destroying X.A.N.A. Keep up the good work.

"But X.A.N.A. isn’t gone… Not anymore…"

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you are married?

"I’m not even old enough!"

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wat zijn de bekroningen die hij heeft behaald

"Ik heb toekenning gewonnen voor het bouwen robots, schaken lucifers, en een paar wiskunde wedstrijd awards. Niets al te groot.”
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